About Us

Stellar Beauty Products was formed in 2023, reaching out to dozens of hand picked products. In partner with over 30+ unique beauty brands and 80+ products and seeking more! Leaning more towards (But not limited to) a radiating style and providing other products that compliment each other to make purchasing and looking the you want, easier! Be sure to check all the products available in the catalogue! Subscribe to our email and or check back from time to time, to hear about new brands and products that we bring into store and more deals!, as we're currently finding what products are; qualitative, worth the price and can deliver the style you so desire! Shipping times can vary, so please be patient and thank you for being our valued customer

*Note* As we are gathering more products and more effective ways of being consistent, the shipping times and costs can vary. Rest assured you will still receive your product(s) and benefit from our discounts!  :)